Mayah A.

About Mayah:

Mayah is a 15 year-old girl who is very creative. She enjoys drawing, reading, photography, writing, playing with her brother, caring for her animals, and other activities with her family. She is already a professional at her age. People in her community request her to take pictures of their very special engagements. This series reflects her adventurous spirit. Her goal when she grows up is to be an entrepreneur.


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About her books:

In Book #1

The Adventures of Banana Dog is about a group of friends from two different kingdoms. The friends run into a clouded banana dog from another kingdom and ask for their help. He needs their assistance to find the missing baby banana dog. The reader enjoys the adventure with the characters in the story.

In Book #2

Continuing from the first book about the Banana Dog adventures, the characters now meet new friends as they journey during the cherry blossom season. The friends encounter Froll Snakes and you will discover the adventurous rescue with a mysterious Banana Dog, alongside his bees. Enjoy another adventure in Frootopia Kingdom.