Dr. June Knight-Wehr

Dr. June Dawn Knight-Wehr is White House Correspondent for a Christian News Organization - WATB News since 2018. Her story began when she was in grad school studying in London (2012), under the top three global media firms. While there, the Lord showed her the mark of the beast plan. This became her college paper and her first book. Following graduation, the Lord took Dr. June all over this nation to pray, serve other ministers and to do various missions.

Following Graduation of her master’s degree, God shut all doors and told her to get in the prayer closet. He then began to explain that she would now work for Him. He is her boss! He said she was to help His people.

He began sending her to pray for people on their death bed. This lasted 18 months. In the meantime He is having her serve ministries all across the country. During this process, He tells her to shut down television, radio and do not listen to anyone but who He puts her with and Him alone. This began a five-year journey of obedience before He put her in the palace – the White House.

Prior to that assignment, President Trump came to Nashville in 2016 and she covered that event. She stood with the press. Then the Lord instructed her to do a 40-day fasting and praying event for our new president, Donald Trump. This changed her world.

One mission was in 2017 when she traveled on the MAGA (Make America Godly Again) Revival Tour - 36 states, 18,000 miles on a six-month tour. On this tour, she prayed for Americans, cities, interviewed Americans about President Trump and hosted four revivals on the north, south, east and west. Following this tour, she hosted a national Christian March called Making America Godly Again March for Revival. She was very much on the Trump Train. However, during that tour, God revealed to her how sick the church was across the country. 

Then in January 2018, the Lord instructed her to do a 40-day fasting and praying event to repent to God about the idols erected in the church and in the nation. Following this event, she began writing books about what she's discovered. At the point when she thought she was ready to print, the Lord stopped her and told her to get in the prayer closet. When she did, the Lord told her it was time to move to Washington DC.

The Lord made her move there and leave everything with $9 and a suitcase. She went and God did miracles! He took her straight to the top and she was able to have a birds-eye view into Capitol Hill, State Department, and the White House. While she worked in the White House, Dr. June discovered the hard truth about our President and his agenda. He is very much LGBTQ supporter, red flag gun law proponent, a globalist, UN agenda keeper, and not as much supporter for pro-life as he claims. Due to his blaspheming God's name in July 2019 and his support for LGBTQ, Dr. June began exposing this partnership and no longer believes the narrative.

She discovered there is no red, or blue, they're all purple. There is no Republican or Democrat, they're all together. A year after arriving in DC by faith, God pulled her out of Washington exactly one month before COVID. Since this time God has revealed so much more about the end-time scenario and she has defined it in books for the Bride/Church to understand. They are in the What the World Series published in 2022.

Now she's continuing her journey of warning by completing The White House Trilogy books about President Trump being THE CHOSEN ONE. This set includes her miraculous story of how God sent her there with $9 and a suitcase, provided, and showed her the truth. This set also include a book to show pictures of her journeys to London, Washington D.C., and New York when she went with President Trump to the United Nations.

 In 2022 she married the love of her life - Dennis. They now live at Garden of Eden Farm in the mountains of Tennessee near her family.  She has an office located on farm next to the chicken coop where she does her news broadcasts on a weekly basis and warns the Bride of things to come.  Her husband is the head pastor of the We Are The Bride Ministries church and she helps him, sings and teaches as well.  Dr. June has written and published 21 books to the Bride of Christ to warn her of days to come and to prepare her for the King.

Dr. June’s Education:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations at Austin Peay State University.
  • Master’s Degree in Corporate Communications at APSU
  • One year of studies at World Harvest Bible College
  • Doctor of Theology at International Miracle Institute

While in Graduate School at APSU, Dr. June studied in London (Winter 2011/2012) and studied under the top three global  marketing/advertising/ communication firms in the world. She wrote a 20-page research paper comparing how the United Kingdom markets a product versus the United States.

Dr. June completed the class with a grade of 100! Following graduation, Dr. June turned that paper into her first book, Mark of the Beast.

Dr. June has written twenty-three books. She also is the President and CEO of We are the Bride Ministries. She hosts two television shows: BRIDE TIME LIVE and NEWS Today.

Also, after Dr. June traveled the entire border of the United States from March 2017 – September 2017, then God charged her to do a 40-day fast to cast down the idols in the church and nation.  In 2018, God sent her to Washington DC to serve in the White House Press Corps. She is still a correspondent to this day.

She married the love of her life, Pastor Dennis Wehr in July 2022. They now work together to help the Bride through Pastor’s preaching on Sunday mornings and Dr. June’s singing and additional teachings during the week.

Dr. June’s heart is to help the Bride achieve her end-time mission by providing insight into the end-time agenda of the government and Beast. Dr. June helps the church to navigate through the deception and lies. The Truth is what sets us free!