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Mark of the Beast


June studied in London while in graduate school and discovered the agenda to implant all humans with the RFID (radio-frequency identification device). She investigated how Europe markets this product and compared it to the United States. She wrote a 20-page research paper and submitted it to the University of Kentucky, in which she received a grade of 100. With appropriate citations and research, June Reveals the activity of drones, New World Order, Illuminati, RFID tag implementation into every area of society, the Antichrist Spirit, Etc.

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This book exposes the enemy’s plan in the last days to deceive God’s people. June Dawn explores the human implantation chip as the mark of the beast and compares how Europe is marketing this product versus the United States. June Dawn explains the dangers of accepting this RFID tag/chip and delivers convincing research as to the strategies and plans of the new world order to cause all mankind to be interconnected to the grid through the INTERNET OF THINGS. Keep your eyes wide open and read this book! Don’t be a part of last great delusion as spoken of in the Bible. Whether you are Christian or not, this book is a must-read.

She received her Master’s Degree in Corporate Communications from Austin Peay State University. She received her Bachelor’s in Public Relations. To learn more about June go to


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