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Garden Twins


$26 to include shipping!  Clarion Call to UNITY in the Bride of Christ and Organic Christianity: Back to the Garden are meant to be together according to a dream the Lord gave Dr. June Dawn Knight on February 2, 2016. He told her in the dream that they are twins. These books are “Book Ends.” One represents the beginning, and the other represents the end.  This book represents the beginning of time and our role back in the garden. The other book represents the end of time and is a prophetic book about days to come.

The Clarion Call to UNITY brings our generation back to the garden’s original design by choosing the Tree of Life versus Adam and Eve’s decision to choose the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. We are going to choose the right tree in the end and redeem mankind to God. We will be the generation that does not choose to satisfy SELF like Eve did. Thus, it may cost us our lives. However, by our choosing the Tree of Life in the end instead of accepting Satan’s fruit in the end, we will have eternal life.

Organic Christianity: Back to the Garden reflects the need to go back to the garden and our roots to build a relationship with God that He has intended for us since the beginning of time. It’s dropping all processed traditions, doctrines, beliefs, trainings, expectations, and culture. It’s going back to our Creator and opening our hands wide and proclaiming, “Reveal yourself to me God! Show me my destiny and teach me how to please you with my life. Heal my roots, and make me whole again in your eyes.

This book is organic which means being transparent before God and allowing Him to examine our roots and do some housecleaning so that we can be used by Him. It’s purity before a Holy God!

It’s going from processed and tainted to the original intent of holiness and purity. It’s time for the Bride to clean her lamps for her soon-coming King! I pray this book encourages you to press forward knowing that YOU are His Bride.

The Clarion Call to  UNITY is a prophetic book about things to come and how to prepare.  They both are preparation for the rest of the Bride’s destiny on Earth!



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