The American Judgment
The American Judgment
The American Judgment
The American Judgment
The American Judgment
The American Judgment
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The American Judgment

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Apostasy + Idolatry = Judgment

Get ready Bride. These days have arrived. We have a role in this and we must be willing to do whatever God has called us to during the Judgment. Are you ready? Read this book and it will help you.


We are the Bride Series
#3 in the American Quad Books
The American Judgment
About Book:
This is the 3rd book in the American Quad.
We now know that God is bringing judgment to the country based upon Apostasy + Idolatry = Judgment.

Why does Apostasy + Idolatry = Judgment?
What is God's Heart about Judgment?
Do you mean that God still judges today?
What does the Bible say about the end of times?
What has America done to bring judgment from God?
Why is God bringing judgment?
What are some prophetic words about the judgment?
What is my role as a Christian during this judgment?

Dr. June examines the Bible about God's history with his judgments.

Then she examines the church and the country on why God is bringing judgment now?

The Lord revealed to Dr. June that the apostasy of the church

 and the idolatry within the church is bringing a great judgment to our country.

Our land is even going to pay a price for our sins.

This happened many times in the Bible.

This is sobering times for our country and we must be honest with God

about the condition of our hearts and the spiritual condition of the church.

Dr. June will show you how we are about to embark upon the most perilous times in our country.

Do not fear Bride; God prepared us for this. We must repent!

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