American Quad Set of Books

These four books tackle a very tough subject in the church today – and that is the apostasy. It seems that the majority of the churches are joining this movement and many do not understand what it means and the results from it. These books hope to make it very plain.

The 1st book is The American Exposé. This book will identify the sickness in the church and the great apostasy so that the Bride can be well-informed. We are in the spiritual warfare of our lives and we must not be deceived in this last few moments on the Earth.

The 2nd book, The American Idols, exposes the 40 idols that God brought before the 40-Day Team to address the throne. This team repented to God in the first 40 days of 2018. Once the church gets real with God, we can find true repentance.  Unless you recognize the sickness, you cannot fix it.

The 3rd book, The American Judgment, exposes the resulting judgment that is coming to the church due to the non-repentant church and nation. This book examines the Biblical standpoint on judgment and the church’s role today.

The 4th book is The Last American Bride. This book recognizes the condition of the church and where we stand in this hour. Where do we go from  here and how do we prepare for the future? What about the mark of the beast? Martyrdom? All four books are the prepare the Bride for the days ahead.