Congratulations to Brock Knight - New Author & Book

TreeHouse Publishers is proud to announce our newest author, Brock Knight. He is the son of Dr. June Knight. He has a very unique life story and he shares with the Bride what happened earlier this year when the Lord took him to Heaven and showed him around.


In this book he talks about how everything in Heaven is alive. The trees have their own unique expression with God. The lions, stars, angels, etc. The Lord shows him a huge revelation about humanity.

We need this in the day and hour we are living in. We see the Beast rolling in and the mark of the beast. We must have hope in this hour that God is not done with us yet. We must know that God has a plan in the midst of all this.

You will love Brock's beautiful descriptive words of Heaven. 

Order yours today!

About Brock & Laura:

Brock grew up around Nashville, TN and Laura was raised first in Bogota, Colombia, South America. Brock and Laura are passionate about living their lives as examples. Living what they teach is the mission. Biblically Whole, and serve together in Knight Family Ministries and We are the Bride Ministries.

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