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Testimony of a Broken Bride; Jesus is the True Husband


$15 to include shipping!  This broken bride fought the call of God on her life when at the end of her first marriage God declared He’s jealous and wanted her all to Himself. She resisted that call and tried ON HER OWN to have the life she thought she wanted. Twelve years later, six failed marriages, and many other failures, God called again and she surrendered. Travel with her in time as she discovers how HE is all she ever searched for; not an earthly man.

Read the story of a woman who struggled through abuse of all kinds, sexual promiscuity, and an evident identity crisis. Following surrendering to God’s will for her life He sent June Dawn to Bible College and showed her vividly how He is the TRUE husband. Experience the adventure with her as she discovers the beautiful Bride He made her to be.

Discover how He can make anyone pure, if they will just surrender. No more shame. No more past. Broken into Purity. More info at and




4 reviews for Testimony of a Broken Bride; Jesus is the True Husband

  1. admin

    This was a most revealing read openly displaying the pain of this precious woman & her family. Through her complete transparency I could see the struggles and yet the determination to overcome in each season of her life. This book breeds hope and displays the way God can take any of us from pains and mistakes of the past to a future a shining light for all to see His goodness & mercy. He truly does use all things in our lives for divine purposes. While reading the book, you will begin see the Hand of the Lord working throughout even in pain and failures to keep this mighty woman of God turned toward Himself. I felt as though Dr. June was right here in the room with me as the trusted friend that she is. Wonderful.

    Dr. Dianna Senkyrik
    President, EagleHeart Ministries, Inc.
    Bay City, Texas

  2. admin

    This book is amazing! I could not put it down. The author brought out things that made me stop and examine my own self. When a book causes you to look deep inside your own self, you know it’s good. It also showed in the biography that a person can be brought back to life if only they seek the living water they need to live in Christ. I highly recommend this book. It will open your eyes of how we need to seek our true husband daily.

    Wanda Jordan
    President, Fresh Oil Ministry, Inc.
    Ashland City, Tennessee

  3. admin

    I can feel the “genuineness” — the “purity” of this book.

    Dr June has released this book into the Kingdom for such a time as this. This book is a must read for anyone who desires to draw closer to the Bridegroom. He’s calling us into a more intimate experience with Him. We must go there!

    Pastor John Ortiz
    The Gathering Place
    Nederland, Texas

  4. admin

    Anyone can relate to “Testimony of a Broken Bride” in the sense that we have all been broken throughout our lives. Dr. Knight has shown how being touched by the love of God can and does transform a person into a new creature as the scripture says. A person cannot be touched by God and stay the same and she has shown how that happens in our lives. For an inspiring story of God’s love, hope and transformation you need to read this book.

    Penney Major
    25 years in ministry
    Nashville, TN

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