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The American Idols


Idolatry in the Church


We are the Bride Series


#2 in the American Quad Books

The American Idols


About Book:

This is the 2nd book in the American Quad.

We now know that God is bringing judgment

to the country based upon Apostasy + Idolatry = Judgment.

 After Dr. June completed the nationwide tour in 2017, the Lord gave her a dream and instructed to form a team and cast down the idols in the church beginning in January 2018. We are the Bride Ministries conducted a 40-Day Fasting & Prayer Initiative in January to cast down the idols in the prayer closet. This became a very intimate moment for the team and God truly moved.

Learn what those forty (40) idols are and repent so that you will be clean and

be a spotless Bride for the King when he returns!

God is about to pour out judgment on our nation and we need to be prepared and clean.

The enemy has tainted and polluted the church through these idols.

We must cast them down and separate ourselves for the coming judgment.

The Bible says to TOUCH NOT THE UNCLEAN THING. We must have our lamps ready!

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