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Apostasy in the Church


We are the Bride Series


#1 in the American Quad Books

The American Exposé


About Book:

This is the 1st book in the American Quad. We now know that God is bringing judgment

to the country based upon Apostasy + Idolatry = Judgment.

As the time closes in to Jesus’ return, the
enemy is rearing his ugly head in the church.
He is trying to deceive the masses and cook
them in a pot like a frog with the pollutions
of the world. He has crept in  unaware and it
is time it is exposed so that the Bride can be
in her proper position for the last day’s harvest.

Dr. June exposes this plan of the Ecumenical
Movement in which the Pope and the Catholic
Church is trying to lure the various religions
together for the One-World Religion.

This plan is rolling the pollution and vomit

from the pits of Hell into an unsuspecting and sleeping church.

Dr. June exposes this plan and reveals how deep the pit really is.

Learn how the New Age Movement has partnered with the church

to reveal a New Age Christ (another Jesus) and the masses are falling for it.

Wake up church. Let the REAL Bride come forward and leave this vomit!

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