Dr. June Dawn Knight


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Dr. June Dawn Knight is a mother and grandmother. Then she is a revivalist, author, and business owner. June acquired her Master’s degree from Austin Peay State University in 2012.

While attending APSU, she participated in a Study Abroad Public Relations class in London England. Dr. June received her Doctorate in Theology from the International Miracle Institute in August 2015.

June has served many ministries and pastors. June’s heart is to minister in prisons, nursing homes, to the homeless and to share the love of Jesus



The Mark of the Beast is the result of a research project conducted during graduate school in 2012. Dr. June Dawn Knight studied in London and discovered the truth about the human implantation chip being currently implemented into mainstream society in Europe. She began an investigation into the marketing strategies and differences between Europe and the United States. She wrote a research paper and received a grade of 100. This research will bring to reality the mark of the beast and its immediate implementation. This book explores the marketing aspect, the cultural differences of accepting/denying the mark, the spiritual implications of receiving the mark, and the discovery of a one-world government agenda. Whether you are Christian or not, this book is a must-read.



Read the story of a woman who struggled through abuse of all kinds, sexual promiscuity, and an evident identity crisis. Following surrendering to God’s will for her life He sent June Dawn to Bible College and showed her vividly how He is the TRUE husband. Experience the adventure with her as she discovers the beautiful Bride He made her to be. Discover how He can make anyone pure, if they will just surrender.  No more shame. No more past. Broken into Purity.  More info at www.drjune.org and www.wearethebride.us.